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Fractal's Stud Muffins

We love our boys at Fractal!

Because males generally contribute more offspring to the breed than females, we are especially selective in the males we use in our breeding program.

Each male we have used at Fractal must be an excellent example of the breed, have excellent health and fabulous temperament.

We are fortunate to have some handsome homegrown boys and boys from the best of the Bengal breeders out there, now and as the foundation for Fractal Felines.

All of our males are screened regularly for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) by ACVIM Board Certified Veterinary Cardiologists, according to their recommendations, typically every 6-12 months.

Current males are testing clear for HCM and come from parents who continue to screen clear over the age of three.


Speakeasy Sundance Kid
IW SGC Speakeasy Sundance Kid of Fractal
(DGC Speakeasy Carnival Ride X IW SGC Cowboycasanova of Speakeasy)
Brown Spotted Tabby

DOB: 12/6/11

Thanks to my friends at Speakeasy Bengals, a lovely kitten they named Toby (yes, he was stuck with the name Toby), came to live with us at Fractal in the Spring of 2012. It seemed like only yesterday that his grandfather, RW SGC Fractal Lost in Your Eyes, went to Speakeasy Bengals as a little lynx point marbled kitten. And now we were bringing up his grandson. Toby has the type combined with the pattern that we are all striving for in the Bengal breed. His best asset has to be his wonderful expression with eyes that draw your attention from across the room or the showhall. On top of that, he has a temperament to die for. In his show career, Toby has been shepherded to and from rings by more than 10 different people and doesn't mind a bit. Toby is a joy to handle and a privilege to own.

2nd Best Allbreed Cat in TICA Mid-Atlantic Region 2012-13
Best SH Cat in TICA Mid-Atlantic Region 2012-13
Best Bengal in in TICA Mid-Atlantic Region 2012-13



Photo by Helmi Flick

RW SGC Fractal Free to Be
(Fractal Atalanta X RW SGC Therealms Try Me Now of Jungletime)
Brown spotted tabby
DOB: 7/4/10
Free to Be's Gallery

Free to Be is the product of a joint venture with Jungletime Bengals that exceeded even our high expectations. The combination of Fractal Atalanta and "Triton" produces some stunning Bengal kittens, combining the best features of both parents. Free to Be was born on Independence Day, with the fireworks literally going off in the background. He was such a plump, fully satisfied kitten, that he felt like an over- stuffed burrito, and thus earned the nickname of Burrito Man. We love his wild look, enhanced by his long, muscular body and inky black rosettes. Burrito Man also loves to show and earned a Mid-Atlantic Regional Win as a kitten.

Free to Be was TICA's 2nd Best Bengal Kitten in the Mid-Atlantic Region, 2010-11 Season.

Free to Be was TICA's Seventh Best Bengal Kitten Internationally, 2010-2011 Season.