Kittens ~ Retired Adults

Fractal's Retired Adults

From time to time we retire our breeding cats to make room for the next generation and to allow our breeders to enjoy the majority of their lives as pampered pets.  Although Fractal Felines are incredibly spoiled, the retired breeding cats really blossom in a home with fewer cats and no mouths to feed.  Retired breeding cats are young adults (1-5 years old) and will be spayed or neutered prior to placement for an adoption fee.  A young adultBengal is often a great choice for your feline family.

Retired Breeders are available after their spay or neuter.


Available Adult Bengals from Fractal

JJ--Three-year old brown spotted tabby, spayed

JJ is looking for her forever home now that she is done raising babies.  She has striking black markings and gorgeous green eyes and purrs up a storm.  Very affectionate, she is also food-motivated. She loves to eat and then to settle in for some petting and cuddling.  JJ would do best in a home with no other cats, or with a non-dominant altered male.  She is easy-going as long as she does not feel threatened by other cats. She prefers a routine to excitement.  I would like to place JJ locally and with a family who will allow me to continue to screen her heart every year or so.

Atalanta--Three-year old brown spotted tabby, spayed

Atalanta, also known as Attie McFattie or Attie McBrattie, needs a home that will not just tolerate but revel in her over-exuberance.  Attie is devoted and loving, likes to careen around the house, jump to your shoulder and also settle down in a lap with you and your good book.  Attie can be demanding but will return your love and affection 10-fold.  She would also do better in a home without other females or other dominant cats and would be fine as an only cat.  She would love to get all the attention.  I would like to place her locally and with a family who will allow me to continue to screen her heart every year or so.



Jelly Belly

Jelly Belly is a striking melanistic (solid black) Bengal neutered male, born in May 2010.  Imagine what a black leopard looks like and that is the kind of coat JB has, with ghost rosettes that shine through in the sunlight.

JB takes a long time to adjust to new situations and while he enjoys the company of people and playing with interactive toys, he is not a very affectionate cat at first.  This could change in a home with fewer cats.  He gets a long great with other cats and has excellent household manners.  JB would do best in a home where he can be appreciated for his beauty, with understanding owners that will allow him to be himself and will not mind if he is never a suck-up lap cat.