Current Queens ~ Past Queens

Fractal's Queens

We love our girls at Fractal!

At Fractal, we have had the benefit of many years of our own experience, added to even more years of the experience, through mentorship, of wonderful breeders and friends. This experience has helped us choose carefully the females for our breeding program.

Each of our girls has her own unique characteristics that we want to incorporate as we advance the Bengal breed.

Some of the best times as a breeder are spent with our queens as they mother their kittens.

All of our females are screened regularly for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) by ACVIM Board Certified Veterinary Cardiologists, according to their recommendations, typically every 12-24 months. Because HCM is an inherited autosomal dominant disease, for some cats, with pristine current and previous screens, we are able to extend the time between screenings when we have healthy screens in parents and grandparents as well.


CH Fractal Henrietta
(CH Fractal Fremont X RW DGC Jazzle Big Bang of Fractal)
Brown spotted tabby
DOB: 1/9/12

Henrietta, or the Henrietta Pussycat, carries on the sweet temperament from her grandpa, Schmoo, with the beautiful eyes from her mother’s side as well, and gorgeous, clear-coated pattern from her dad’s side.  Henrietta is a most pleasing cat and likes to chat now and then.


Fractal Bellatrix
(Fractal Candy O X RW DGC Jazzle Big Bang of Fractal)
Seal spotted lynx point
DOB: 12/21/11


Bellatrix, also known as Bellatrix the Beauty, is a stunning seal spotted lynx point girl born and raised here at Fractal.  Gorgeous pattern, with spots all the way down to her toes, Bellatrix will catch your eye.  We love her wild expression with the broad nose and puffy whisker pads.