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Fractal's Past Stud Muffins


Fractal Ipso Facto
(Provinmountain Francesca X Bengaland Tambourine Man of Fractal)
Brown spotted tabby
DOB: 5/31/10
Ipso Facto's Gallery


Photo by Helmi Flick

RW DGC Jazzle Big Bang of Fractal
(Jazzle Twinkle Twinkle Little Star X Kingsmark Zoolander of Jazzlel)
Brown spotted tabby
DOB: 7/21/10
Big Bang's Gallery

Thanks to our good friends at Jazzle Bengals, I was able to pick out Big Bang (AKA Bang Bang) when he was just a baby. I knew he was a good choice to complement the girls in our program. His black rosettes, contrast, pattern flow and glitter were just what we needed. Bang Bang has a sweet expression, which matches his temperament--hard to know if judges are more impressed by his looks or his purring away while they handle him. Bang Bang has been recognized as an excellent example of the Bengal breed by his TICA Mid-Atlantic Regional Win as a kitten.

Bang Bang was TICA's BEST Bengal Kitten in the Mid-Atlantic Region, 2010-11 Season.
Bang Bang was TICA's Fourth Best Bengal Kitten Internationally, 2010-2011 Season.



Bengaland Tambourine Man of Fractal
(RW CH Bengaland Hooters Rhianna X RW QGC Medoz Candyman)
Seal spotted lynx point
DOB: 8/25/07

Tambourine Man (AKA, Tambo or Tam Tam) has left his mark on the Bengal breed
through the offspring, and grandchildren in breeding programs and the beautiful pet
Bengals gracing many homes. The wild type, especially his gorgeous head, is what
attracted me to Tam Tam as a kitten. And I am grateful to friends at Medoz and
Bengaland for letting him come to Fractal. Tam Tam has a gentle soul and is thrilled
to be neutered and in his retirement home where he once again has free range of his
entire house and plays fetch to his heart's content.


RW SGC Bejuled World According to Schmoo
(Bejuledbengals Cosa Nostra X RW QGC Premiercats Darrius)
Seal spotted lynx point
DOB: 6/19/05

Schmoo was our first stud cat at Fractal. I was present when he was born at Bejuled
Bengals, the only boy and the only snow in a litter of 7. He quickly made his mark
in the world as an unflappable, goofy and loving Bengal cat. Schmoo's blue eyes
and his good-natured personality are noticed by all who meet him—he really
has accumulated a lot of fans over the years. It is so much fun to have his great-
grandchildren growing up now, all imprinted with that special "Schmoo-ness" that
is so beloved. Schmoo lives with us, retired, at Fractal Felines, where he spends a lot
of time with his true love, Jackie-O.

Schmoo received Mid-Atlantic Regional Wins as a Shorthair Cat, 2006-7 Season, and
as an Alter, 2007-08 and 2008-09 Seasons.